Chicago – Deep down in the Windy City by 7 videos

Photo, videos and text: Adrián Szász dr.

It offers strong, characterful flavors. The typical Cajun dish is a cooked cavalcade of ingredients in a bowl. This is Cajun cuisine along the Mississippi River, which blends the gastronomy of French and Spanish immigrants to the United States with the cooking habits of Caribbean people. Since Chicago River connects Mississippi River Basin to Lake Michigan, it’s obvious that the waitress here brings me a real Cajun food: jambalaya. I have just landed in Chicago, on the plane I watched the Blues Brothers movie. Now I’m sitting at House of Blues, where jambalaya (made with onion, sausage, bell pepper, celery, crab and red rice) is accompanied by authentic Chicago Blues. The food is strong and characterful just like the guitar solos of the brilliant Joanna Connor. She got tens of thousands of likes on the Internet yesterday – half the world searched in Google: who is this white woman who has black music in her blood? Today Ms Connor is playing exclusively for me and two more dozens of lucky ones:


Sicily – 12 moments from the life of Taormina

Photos and text : Adrián Szász dr.

Colors and faces of Corso Umberto, the town’s VIBRANT main street

The Sicilian poet Renzino Barbera lived for 86 years between 1923 and 2009. During this time he woke up every morning as if he were born, and in the evening he lay down as if he were to die. “So I lived much more than anybody else“, he explained this sophisticated attitude. We don’t know if today’s Sicilians are consciously following the guidance of their artist predecessor, but it’s sure: they can live! We were convinced of this during our 10 day trip to the southeast region of Europe’s seventh largest island. From Taormina through Syracuse to Ragusa, visiting the filming locations of the Godfather film trilogy, the Sicilian chocolate capital and the rocks of Odysseus. In the first step, as a result of this journey I present a slice of Taormina life in 11 photos + 1 music to you.