Sicily – 15 moments from the life of Ragusa & Modica

Photos: Adrián Szász dr.

On a lazy weekend let’s remember the heart-warming Sicily and open our balcony door to the Baroque city of Ragusa! Its lower – and much older – town is called Ragusa Ibla, the upper town is called Ragusa Superiore. The two halves are separated by a deep ravine (Valle dei Ponti). People who live here embody the real Sicilian soul. After finishing our time travel to Ragusa it’s a good idea to take a train to the nearby Modica, the chocolate capital of Sicily. If you come with me on this rapid trip by my pictures I will show you a real local food specialty at the end! 😉

AS RAGUSA IBLA – thats story started in 736 b.c. – CAN BE SEEN FROM R. SUPERIORE

and VICA VERSA: RAGUSA SUPERIORE (BUilt after the 1693 Earthquake) FROM R. IBLA

you can get lost in ragusa ibla’s narrow streets by foot or even by scooter

But locals ARE waiting patiently for the bus, as well – they are never in a hurry

Old gentlemen enjoys life as if they were kids: they’re absolutely stress-free

SOME characteristics of sicilian life: tobacco, ELEGANCE, chat, GEsticulation

IT’S FUNNY TO WATCH THAT Men seem to be more gossipy than women

THE ESSENCE OF what we experienced IN THIS lovely city

BUT THAt’S why you always have to go FURTHER instead of staying At one place

FOR EXAMPLE, modica is a nice destination of a daytrip from ragusa

if you think of movies set in sicily the first comes to your mind: THE godfather

a famous symbol from the gangster Epic of Francis ford coppola (1972) mentioned

BUT you can see characters on the streets who could be part of any italian FILMs

this house is so red as if it were painted by blood (or blood orange)

the specialty i promised (with another coloring material): pasta with squid ink

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