Sicily – 20 moments from the life of Syracuse

Photos: Adrián Szász dr.

Ortygia – the historical centre of Syracuse – attracts special characters

Syracuse (Siracusa) is a 2700-year-old city of Sicily, founded by Ancient Greeks. Described by Cicero as “the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of them all”. The other Syracuse in the state of New York, United States – that was founded in the 19th century and now has a population of 145 000 – was named after the classical city. The Sicilian (or Italian, or Greek) Syracuse has a downtown listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It’s name is Ortygia (Ortigia) and it’s located on a small island that is connected to the southeast corner of Sicily. Ortygia is full of memorable faces with welcoming smiles on them. To spend a few days in this Val Di Noto Baroque place is like becoming a character of a novel. A novel with lot of colors, humor, style and sea(food), of course. And – hopefully – a big Happy End! 🙂 Now, I will guide you through it by my photos in 20 steps.

like artists (with THEIR DOGs), for example


THEIR selection is SO wide and fresh that only the eye can provide

“That would be my choice for your launch today!”

Business is business and hats are hats, as dictated by local fashion

IT’S Colors are vibrant, in every shade of the rainbow

Not just for women – Everyone here has a sophisticated taste in clothes

and up-to-date knowledge of the news of the world (or at least Italy)

Hats again, colors again and flowers, for even more CHEERFULNESS

Men’s TEAMS AND themes in the harbor: sports, boats, fishing

MUSIC IS food for the soul and THE ears – BY artists with THEIR DOGS, OF COURSE

Another kind of food for the soul: religion (CHIESA SAN CRISTOFORO)

THE PHOTO IS TRICKY: IT’S NOT a place where everyone headS the same direction

Rather a place where everyone loves enjoying THE sunset in the bay

Even if the sea can be loud aS IT’S writTEN IN THE STORIES of Andrea Camilleri

Could this be the balcony of CAMILLERI’S PROTAGONIST, INSPECTOR Montalbano?


not only are the dressES colorful, so are the sicilian Houses

I’D LOVE TO LIVE HERE: THIS IS one of my favorite street corners On the island 🙂

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