80 000 km of football – His sport is worldball

Photo: Tamás Lékó, text: Adrián Szász dr.

As calculated by the Hungarian sports daily, the football player Krisztián Vadócz – who has played 42 games for the Hungarian national team – traveled a total of 83,796 kilometers during his careers transfers. The 34-year-old midfielder played in the following countries from 2005 to 2020: France (Auxerre), Scotland (Motherwell), Netherlands (Nijmegen), Spain (Osasuna, Alaves), Denmark (Odense), India (Pune City, Mumbai), Switzerland (Grasshopper), Australia (Perth), Hongkong (Kitchee), Hungary (Kispest), and now, his new destination is Uruguay (Penarol). Krisztián – whose wife, Dóra is a model – enjoys his “journey around the world”, as he stated in the interview he gave me when he played in Budapest.

“I want to play as much as possible! Whether in a city park or in a big stadium, the same happiness-hormone is released. I am not sick of proving myself in a new place every year, even if it is risky. Fortunately, I can make contact on the field easily, I am able to adapt completely and fit in a new style authentically. I have picked up the rhythm immediately in many places, and after two or three games I was running as an old rider. This can be helped by the fact that I speak English, Spanish and French, and I even understand football language in Dutch” – said Krisztián in the article for Presztízs Sport magazine. Below you can watch a video about the career of “football world’s Magellan”. We have to add that Vadócz hasn’t played in Africa and in Antarctica yet, but he may have a few years on the pitch ahead, so…

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